My New Favorite Filipino Food in London

I used to live in the Philippines for business, now I am in the UK. Filipino cuisine is very much an underrated food (if you get the good stuff) and I love catching up with my favorites like adobo and laing- his one can kill you if not cooked properly: the leaves are poisonous if not cooked long enough, but it tastes great (coconut and green leaves).

Anyway I have a couple of restaurants I like to visit in London but this month a new one opened. They seem to be getting pretty amazing press and I can understand why. The restaurant serves Filipino cuisine with a contemporary twist. It is exciting and delicious. Best of all they have both of my favorite dishes on the menu.

Luzon Restaurant is just doing a "pop up" run for a couple of months, but I am sure they will go ahead with their plans for a full opening next year. Click on the photos below to go through to their website menu page. If you are like me your mouth will also be watering at the descriptions.

Filipino restaurant London
Small selection of the food at LUZON Filipino Restaurant London 
I have been twice so far and will certainly be returning at least once more before they close in Autumn. They change the menu each month so I am waiting for September for my next "feeding".

If you Google them you will see videos of the restaurant, including one of a feature on Filipino TV! I have a feeling filipino cuisine will be the next big thing.

Luzon is located down a pretty non descript alleyway in Russell Square in London. You should use the image and directions on their bookings page at and you can request a booking online which is pretty cool.