Cool Home Office Furniture

So I gave up my job last month as you may or may not know, in order to pursue my dream of becoming a writer. Working from home has always been a dream of mine and it is now time to get things in order. Planning out a comfortable home office was top of my to do list. Here are the ideas I have come up with so far…


This desk is perfect for me. It has the modern yet retro style with clean curves. This should help to free space in your mind if you manage to avoid clutter. At least that is what I am thinking. I’m not sure where to find this one but this is the style I am after. For extra cool download some video screensavers for your PC screen for when you take a break.


I originally started looking at more attractive seating for my desk. Then I realised that to increase productivity you need to go ergonomic. This ugly looking creating is very well rated and should be conductive to long writing sessions. It is on sale at the moment from Office Furniture Online for just £129, which is far cheaper than many similar chairs.

Lounge Chair

Regular breaks are essential and a comfortable place to take 5 is going to hep me recharge my batteries. This chair is stylish and comes with it’s own foot rest. I can just see myself relaxing with a book, meditating or dosing off in this thing. This costs £139.99 from Fabulous Furniture.

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