Loosing weight after a holiday

I recently went on a big 3 week holiday which meant eating out every night and drinking beer most days too. I came back looking like I had put half a stone on. I expect many of you have similar problems when you get back from a holiday. So here is how I lost the weight, and even a little extra.

1. Juicing
A juice extractor is a great investment. These machines differ from blenders because they remove all the fibre from fruit and vegetables. This means you are left with all the pulp which is thrown away (or some use it for baking or compost). The benefit of this is that it is really easy to get nutrients from vegetables which are too dense for smoothies.

Cheap juice extractors will do a pretty good job most of the time so there is no need to splash out hundreds on an expensive machine. In terms of recipes just be sure to include an apple and you will generally be fine to add combination of vegetables (excluding potatoes). I generally use one apple, a couple of carrots and then one or more of beetroot, celery, spinach, cucumber, tomato.

Make a pint of juice and have it replace one meal, or at least make one meal much smaller. They are fairly filling and if you want to fast track your weight loss, just make enough juice for 2 glasses and save the rest for later. Be sure to store in an airtight container and fill the juice right to the top. A good place to buy a juicer is Amazon because they have all price options and customer reviews.

2. Hypnosis
This one won’t work on everyone. You need to have an open mind. You can see a hypnotherapist which is likely to bring the best results. However these aren’t cheap and they take a good chunk out of your day with travel time. So I chose the self hypnosis route with this gastric band hypnosis CD. I have to say it sees to be working. Along with the juice I seem to be eating smaller portions and less snacks.

3. Get Active
Now this one is easier said than done if you are used to avoiding sports and other physical activity like me. The solution just kind of happened naturally when my partner suggested we try rock climbing together. I’d enjoyed it in the past but never really kept it up without a partner. Someone needs to hold the rope in case you fall and it just isn’t as fun with an instructor.

With my partner it was far more relaxed and enjoyable and there is an element of competition which adds some spice. So my advice is to encourage your partner or a friend to try something new. It doesn’t need to be a sport, couples love dancing classes, walking and tonnes of other things too. Just find something you will both enjoy and get out there!

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