Is Hong Kong a good place to mix business and travel?

Hong Kong is actually the ideal place to mix business and travel. This small country is a hub for Asian business and has the perfect location as it is part of/next to China.

There are many international corporations who have set up their Asian Headquarters in Hong Kong and thousands of expats from all over the world live there. Living standards are far higher than most places in China and the rest of Asia.

Those who have the time to mix travel with business will find it the perfect location. The international Hong Kong airport is located on Lantau Island which is easily reached by ferry, car or rail from downtown HK.

This island is actually becoming the preferred location for expats as prices can be as low as 30% off the housing rates in downtown areas. Discovery Bay is a great example of a Lantau residential area which has a high standard of English schools and residential properties at reasonable prices. Tung Chung is another popular area on Lantau.