Golf Video Technology: The Secret of Champion Golfers – Revealed

Have you ever asked yourself how exceptional golfers like Tiger Woods do it? Their swing, power, precision, posture and balance. Everything is just perfect, consumed in the sweet epiphany of a hole-in-one. Mesmerizing, to say the least.

What if you could accomplish the same?

You can, and everything you need is the method of the champions, golf video technology. The ultimate way to boost your golf skills to the next level.

Duncan Smith who does golf lessons in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, uses video with all his clients "investing and using top video technology improved my own game and now I use it as an essential part of every client's golf instruction. It is the ultimate way to analyze and then improve your swing." He has also managed to turn the technology into a popular video learning channel for golfers everywhere (see below for an example).


Feedback Is Vital for Progress

Feedback allows you to correct your mistakes quickly, and therefore, it’s an essential part of your training. Even the most talented and experienced golfers make mistakes, and that’s why they need feedback.

Any competent coach knows it and it can make a huge difference in the performance of a golfer. Furthermore, it has a positive influence on competence and self-motivation, which are powerful variables that translate into a better overall performance.

When you combine it with video technology, feedback acquires a completely new perspective, because it opens the door to multiple opportunities. The coach can analyze every single element patiently and on demand. That is why video feedback technology is very popular amongst professional golf coaches, because it has proven to deliver excellent results and to be helpful in the development of different strategies.

Therefore, it plays an important role in the effectiveness of modern golf coaching. That is why champions use it as an integral part of their training, because it allows them to fine-tune every single detail – biomechanics – to produce a much better result, especially if they have hit a plateau.

The downside of video feedback technology is that it is expensive; however, you can get access to it thanks to golf lessons. You will get a professional golf coach and all the equipment necessary to record your performance and identify what areas need urgent improvement.

Science Confirms It

The following study confirmed the superiorefficacy of video feedback for learning the golf swing, in comparison to verbal and self-guided instruction. It proves how effective video analysis is for correcting and improving specific elements.

Video captures far more than what the mind can see and process, and even better, you can repeat it on demand. It brings endless possibilities for analysis, and therefore, it is an effective method to improve key cognitive areas of athletes, which improves the performance in a wide myriad of sports including tennis, golf, boxing, swimming, etc.

We, as humans, prefer visual materials, especially in the shape of feedback. Thatis why video feedback is superior to video instruction, because people learn at a much faster rate.

Science backs up its effectiveness, and therefore, it’s a proven method to improve your performance. If you have hit a plateau, or simply don’t know how to improve your balance, power or precision – or virtually any other aspect of your game – then video feedback can be the solution you are looking for.


Now you can see why video technology is the method of the champions. It is the ultimate way of getting effective feedback, and therefore, if you want to improve your skills, you should start using it.

Three OCR Document Scanning Apps That Are Perfect for iPhones

Those old enough will remember offices filing cabinets stretching from floor to ceiling, dividers upon dividers separating important commercial operation documentation and room after room packed full of boxes of business accounts information. As much of a gargantuan waste of space and counterproductive as this may seem in the digital age, for decades this was standard business practice.

Thankfully today this has changed. We have the technology to be free of being bogged down by reams and reams of paper. From meticulous document scanning API OCR to comprehensive file saving thanks to the Cloud, that dreaded mountain of paper has slowly been conquered.

So, if you’re looking for the best apps to help you digitise your documents, look no further. These apps will help you get organised – and make your professional life so much easier.

Office Lens

Developed by Microsoft, Office Lens is an efficient, responsive, easy and simple document scanning app that features advanced OCR.

Perfect for scanning a wealth of office documentation, including documents, whiteboards, images, even business cards, Office Lens is one of the preferred document scanning apps available today.

The app can be easily integrated into different programs, including Apple’s Photo Library and Mail. Images can or exported to a PDF and saved with just a few taps of the screen. Although, Office Lens is not designed with a receipt scanning API, the program is nonetheless capable of scanning a wealth of documents.

The real strength of Office Lens is that it can export most of the Microsoft Office Suite of apps, including Word, Outlook, OneNote, PowerPoint and OneDrive making it easy for you to send scanned documents from anywhere you’re able to access your Microsoft account.

Adobe Scan

Known as one of the simplest apps, Adobe Scan has the distinction of being one of the more favoured document scanning API OCR programs.

The image filtering and auto-cropping and re-aligning features are some of the most advanced available, transforming an otherwise misshapen image into a clear and crisp image. The app also features in-built auto capture OCR receipt and document facilities and allows for basic editing of scanned images.

There is, however, one drawback. Users must be an Adobe Creative Cloud subscriber to use the app. However, Adobe do offer varying membership plans, with the cheapest costing £9.98 a month and the most expensive costing £73.93 a month. For this price, users get access to Adobe Creative Suite and a collection of apps – and they even throw in 10 free stock images! The price you’re willing to pay really depends on the extent you intend to use the app.


Convenient and powerful Dropbox for iOS is an OCR receipt and document scanning app that once you try, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. The app automatically recognises and scans documents, allowing you to store valuable data on your iPhone.

Not only that, Dropbox has editing and cropping features, allowing you to hone in on an element with ease and even add a colour correction filter. We all know that multi-page document scanning isn’t exactly hassle-free; Dropbox makes it easy to organise pages within a file with its drag and drop function. Receipts and documents can be saved as either pdf or png files.

The attraction of Dropbox is that users can do all their scanning and organising in the app. All you’ll need is a Dropbox business account. Try linking it to your personal account to reap the benefits of both!

These are just three document scanning apps that you can use with an iPhone. Try one today and see how you can streamline business processes, making your life much easier!

Why Salsa Dancing is the Perfect Hobby

Last year I began taking salsa classes. I was shy and overweight. Now I am far less shy and the correct weight- approximately a year after getting into salsa. There has been a steady improvement in my weight, fitness and shyness over the past year.

I have been reading self improvement books and tried cycling more often, but I believe salsa dancing has had the biggest effect. It is the compound effect (I got this from one of the books I read), which is like the snowball effect. The more I socialised, the easier it became. When you go to salsa classes and then salsa socials, you will get asked to dance by strangers. You will soon find it easy to ask others to dance too. Then you can't help but make friends with regulars.

Salsa dancing isn't an extreme exercise, but apparently we should be doing natural movements rather than intensive gym work. This is something else I have learned from a self help book I read this year (Blue Zones). Although my weight loss has been slow, it has been noticeable- which kept me interested in regular attendance at classes.

Besides the two benefits above, salsa has introduced me to the amazing world of Latin music. I have become a big fan of Buena Vista Social Club, The Fania Allstars, Antonio Carlos Jobim and many more Latin artists and bands. I have amassed a rather impressive collection of albums from Cuban jazzy salsa to smooth Brazilian bossanova.

Being a resident of Manchester in the UK, the weather is usually grey skies and regular rain. There is just something about Latin music which makes me feel more upbeat and happy. It is summery music and is ideal to lift my mood. I used to use the best of Madness, but that one CD has been very over played in my car. Now I have 20+ Latin albums to choose from too. All good vibes- making me feel like it is summer and reminding me of the fun I have at salsa classes and socials.

I highly recommend salsa dancing to anyone who wants a new hobby. Especially if you are like me and overweight and/or shy. It is a hobby literally for all ages. I have seen kids dancing to salsa and OAPs. Give it a try and you too may also get a new lease of life. Just look in your local paper or better still find a website listing classes in your area e.g. I typed in Salsa classes Manchester and got a website listing all salsa classes and socials in and around my region. Generally the prices are very fair and the standard is good (in terms of teachers and venues), at least in Manchester, Lancashire and Cheshire.

My New Favorite Filipino Food in London

I used to live in the Philippines for business, now I am in the UK. Filipino cuisine is very much an underrated food (if you get the good stuff) and I love catching up with my favorites like adobo and laing- his one can kill you if not cooked properly: the leaves are poisonous if not cooked long enough, but it tastes great (coconut and green leaves).

Anyway I have a couple of restaurants I like to visit in London but this month a new one opened. They seem to be getting pretty amazing press and I can understand why. The restaurant serves Filipino cuisine with a contemporary twist. It is exciting and delicious. Best of all they have both of my favorite dishes on the menu.

Luzon Restaurant is just doing a "pop up" run for a couple of months, but I am sure they will go ahead with their plans for a full opening next year. Click on the photos below to go through to their website menu page. If you are like me your mouth will also be watering at the descriptions.

Filipino restaurant London
Small selection of the food at LUZON Filipino Restaurant London 
I have been twice so far and will certainly be returning at least once more before they close in Autumn. They change the menu each month so I am waiting for September for my next "feeding".

If you Google them you will see videos of the restaurant, including one of a feature on Filipino TV! I have a feeling filipino cuisine will be the next big thing.

Luzon is located down a pretty non descript alleyway in Russell Square in London. You should use the image and directions on their bookings page at and you can request a booking online which is pretty cool.

Best and Worst Cities to Invest in Property

Property can be a wonderful investment. We only have so much land and if you have a prime location, you can make a killing. McDonalds is often referred to as a real estate company as their restaurants are in such amazing locations. If they were to sell the building and the land they would make a killing most times.

The current Worst Place in the World to Invest in Property is East Asia

China is not somewhere anyone would even consider investing in right now. There are whole cities which have turned into ghost towns. Watch the very good Vice documentary on this below:

Beside China, Thailand is also a place I would not advise you invest in Property. I believe Thailand is where a bubble is about to burst.

Personal debt is spiralling out of control and a slew of ignorant building projects have left the real estate industry on thin legs. One example is in the capital city of the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai, where 4 luxury malls opened up in a single year. There are only 150,000 living in the city and there were already 2 large malls. At least one of these new developments is doomed to failure with most betting on the extremely quiet Promenada.

If you could find a great value building contractor in Thailand, you may get something back on your investment, but it wouldn't be quick and it would also be fairly unlikely. You would need a good guy on the ground who can source quality imported workers from next door; Mayanmar (Burma). If it was me I would just say don't get involved, at least until the bubble bursts which should be fairly soon.

The Current Best Place in the World to Invest in Property is Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates

The reason why Dubai, Qatar and Abu Dhabi make great investments is because of their location and their recovery from the world financial recession of 2008. Check out Bling Dubai to see how the place is prospering with exotic restaurants, bars and adventures.

The UAE is a travel hub which connects Asia to Europe. Most flights use the 3 airlines for the 3 mentioned states; Emirates for Dubai, Qatar for Qatar and Etihad for Abu Dhabi. All are excellent airlines and Emirates was even voted the very best in 2013.

Dubai suffered its own economic downturn in 2006, two years before the global recession hit. This was actually a positive in terms of todays situation. The real estate market is set to peak mid way through 2015, making now the perfect time to invest.

I would choose Dubai over the others simply because Dubai is the one which has done the most to stand out. Etihad have sponsored Manchester City football club and the football World Cup will be held in Qatar, but they just aren't enough when you think back to what Dubai has achieved.

Dubai's rise came from oil money which began flowing like water in the late 60s. This has help fund the perfect planned city. What was once a dessert is now a bustling metropolis with every modern luxury and then some.
Dubai has gone that little bit farther than anyone else, to break records and astound the world with extravagant building projects. The construction companies in Dubai like F&A Contracting find that they have a constant stream of customers who want exciting projects such as luxury mansions and villas.

The fact that Dubai is now a travel hub means that there is no bubble to burst. It has had it's ups and downs and has survived admirably, thanks to some intelligent governing.

If I was looking for a project to invest in right now it would be a luxury home in Dubai, in fact I just recommended the above company to a friend a week ago.

Trends are hard to predict but I expect prices to rise slightly and then peak approximately mid way through the year. From then on I would expect 3-5 years of steady valuations.

Moving to Manchester and Learning the Slang

Manchester seems to be a region of the UK with lots of slang words and phrases. The most baffling one for me is that they call dinner "tea". Sounds crazy doesn't it?

I will soon be living in Manchester for a while so decided to look up some local terms. The Manchester Evening News had a great page for words and phrases that a "Manc" would use.

I also found the video below at a local school where you can learn English in Manchester. It appears they also address local phrases and words as well as English courses. Check out the video to get a feel for the accent too.

The description of the video sums up the phrases they focus on. Ones that were new to me included "mardy" meaning grumpy, "blinder" meaning great time and the others I knew or kind of half knew.

If you are going to live in Manchester I recommended saving the video and the newspaper link so that you fit in easier. If you can speak like the locals fo you will find communication much easier.

I went to Newcastle once with no research into local phrases and words. It felt like I was almost in another country at times. I had to get some Geordies to explain really basic things for them, which was embarrassing. So this time I am going prepared for Manchester.

If you think any words or phrases have been left out please add them in the comments below. This is probably my last post of the year. I hope everyone had a great Christmas (I still feel bloated) and...

Have a Happy New Year

Should I or Shouldn't I Move to Chiang Mai

Should you Move to Chiang Mai Update 2019

We have lived in Chiang Mai on and off for 5 years and absolutely love it. There are a few quirks like a terrible smokey season where the air is unhealthy from February to mid April. It was particularly bad this year and topped the chart for most dangerous city in the world many times.

My hobby has become street photography in Chiang Mai. Here is an example below. It is a great place to catch local characters, tourists and some cool old buildings.

street photo of a rickshaw driver in Chiang Mai's Waroros Market (the biggest market here)

Original post:

I am thinking about dropping everything and going off around the world. I work online mostly and recon as long as I have a decent internet connection, I should be able to do it.

There are these guys calling themselves digital nomads and living in places like Chiang Mai in Thailand semi long term. There are plenty of other hotspots for these guys in Indonesia, Vietnam and outside of Asia.

The more I read up on this the more I think I want to do it. Especially with the January to March grey skies of the UK coming up. On the other hand there is the dangerous smokey season in Chiang Mai at this time. Hmmm, we shall see.